Tips To Make Your Tape-In Hair Extensions Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Tape-In Hair Extensions Last Longer

Tape-in hair extensions might be the best thing to have happened to the cosmetic industry for lovers of long hair. The pain and discomfort associated with sewing strips to your scalp or the long-term health hazards of fixing hair with some toxic glue are completely absent with tape-in extensions. Think of it as using a very strong and durable sticker that’s nontoxic.

But these things don’t exactly come cheap. A fair amount of money is invested in purchasing them, it is only fair you maintain them religiously. Tape-in hair extensions typically last for about 5 weeks but if well maintained, they could take you through all of two months. Here are some tips on maintaining tape-in hair extensions.

Brush regularly and correctly

This is as basic as it gets, isn’t it? Well, many people overlook the effect of a task as mundane as brushing the hair. You should brush your hair at least, twice daily; in the morning and in the night. Your hair type may require more frequent brushing but you should make a habit out of brushing before taking a shower. Your hair becomes very soft after a shower and the mechanical agitation brushing causes could lead to breakage. Furthermore, you should always ensure you use an extension brush for your tape-in hair extension. The appropriate direction of brushing should be from the bottom up and not the other way round.

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Tape in hair extensions can withstand some amount of water. You could even shower or go swimming while you have them on. This shouldn’t serve as a license for you to wash it every time though. A twice a week washing schedule is good enough if you really want the hair to last. Use a dry shampoo if you feel you need to wash more frequently. For people with greasy hair or who engage in physical activities that could lead to sweating from the scalp, the frequency of washing may be increased. It is important you avoid scrubbing on the taped areas roughly. Doing that would only loosen the tape and make your hair look unkempt.


The way you sleep is also a determinant of how long your hair would last. You should always brush your hair before sleeping. It is not uncommon to wake up with tangled hair but you can prevent that by packing into a ponytail or loose braid. If the problem still persists, you could get silk bedsheets and pillow covers. These also minimize tangling during sleep.


You can freely style your tape-in extensions, just like you would your natural virgin hair. It goes without saying that just like normal hair, they can also be damaged. If you would be styling with heating tools, you should use heat protectants as high temperatures can melt the tapes. Furthermore, you would need to regularly touch-up your natural hair as it won’t stop growing in the presence of the tape-in extension.

You would agree maintaining tape-in hair extensions is quite easy and not something you have to constantly think about. Even if you simply treat it like your normal hair, about 4-5 weeks of awesomeness is still guaranteed. Following the tips shared above would increase the longevity and would save you some cash.

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