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Fashion Mia is a recently discovered website which I will write about today. Why? Because I found a lot of great items at decent prices.

This fashion website caught my attention because here I’ve found a variety of women products different from the ones I’ve seen on other sites.

I’m glad that spring is finally here and I feel the need to buy season appropriate clothing. At the moment I am looking for some spring blouses and I guess I’ll place an order. Let me show you the ones that made me fell for it.

Leaf blouse

This leaf blouse made me go crazy about it! Look at it! Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? And I’ve found an amazing combination on the website, with a green cloche skirt! You can see it lower.

I would love to wear this outfit on my birthday, it’s totaly me! I hope I find my size when I’m going to place the order on the website.

Do you like it? If you are interested in it you can buy it from here. Also, there are a lot of impressive blouses here in summer tops.

If there is one kind of t-shirt that I prefer the most, it would be the short sleeve t-shirt. Let me show you wich one I like from Fashion Mia.

Cotton lace T-shirt

This seems to me the perfect t-shirt for street style outfits, very comfortable but still fashionable. Looks incredible with white jeans and a pair of stiletto or just a pair of sneakers.

The thing I like the most of this article is that the lace is continuous from front to back. You can see it in this picture. Isn’t it cool?

Another thing that I like is the oversized cut, it’s a must this spring. I really have to buy it, to include it in my street style outfits! Light grey is one of my favourite blouse colors so this is another reason for me to have it.

I know you like it too, so I will let you the link to it right here. Also, you can find plenty of t-shirts in the short sleeve t-shirts category.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about this website and its clothes so that encouraged me to buy. As far as I know, the sizes correspond and the items are high quality, so lucky me!

And now tell me, wich one of these two items did you liked the most and why?


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